FERLOW BOTANICALS, founded by Klaus Ferlow, Honorary Master Herbalist and Professional Advocate in 1975, a family company in Vancouver B.C., manufacturer/distributor of herbal medicinal and personal care products without harmful toxic chemical ingredients. Ferlow Botanicals have been selling to professional health and wellness practitioners and selected stores with holistic practitioners in traditional medicine since 1993. Ferlow Botanicals introduced as the first company in 1994 of herbal medicinal personal care products with no harmful ingredients inclusive to the Neem line to the canadian market.

Klaus resigned at the end of 2013 and appointed his son Peter as Operations Manager.

Klaus founded in 2013 the company "Neem Research", Mission, BC. and will publish in 2016 his first book about the healing power of the Neem Tree from India "Neem: Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity" due to over 22 years experience with Neem.

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Echinacea Throat Spray

Echinacea throat spray is a convenient and efficient way to bring relief to a sore throat. This unique blend of herbs gives effective and soothing results. Has a subtle licorice flavor.

Useful for: Colds, Influenza, Viral infection, Bacterial infection, toothaches, anti- inflammatory, anti -fungal, antiseptic, astrin... read more.

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Herbal Ear Oil

The herbs used in this formula have been carefully selected to solve a wide range of ear problems. Such as: Bacterial infections, earache from cold and wind, Fungal infections, injuries from scratching the ear canal, Tinnitis, and damage to ears from sudden loud noises and also plugged eustation tubes from colds. The drops are especially effective... read more.

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Neem Tree Oil

This oil is a combination of 40% Neem Paste (pressed from the fruit and seed of the tree) In a base of grape seed and certified organic, Cold pressed rosa mosqueta oil with natural vitamin E added as a preservative. Neem boosts the immune system on all levels while helping the body fight infection even before the immune system is called ... read more.

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Rosa Oil

(Certified Organic) contains many essential fatty acids, namely Oleic, Linoleic, and Linolenic. Research shows incredible results when applied to post-burn scars, preventing sunburns, brown age spots, premature aging, reducing wrinkles, lines, and stretch marks. Heals UV damaged skin and helps recovery from radiation injury. Use before and after r... read more.

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Tea Tree Oil

(Certified Organic) Melaleuca Alternifolia #1 grade, steam distilled - Certified organic from the bungawalbyn valley in Australia. Tea Tree is one of the few Essential Oils that can be used on the skin undiluted. It is not suitable for internal use. Tea Tree oil works well for many kinds of skin problems and infections. The only drawback is its strong, Turpentine-like smell. Can ... read more.